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Advantages Private Taxi Transfer Malaga Airport

Published: 19/06/2018. Categories: Sin categoría.

Booking taxi Marbella book online

Everyone knows that when starting a trip or finishing it, it is one of the most stressful moments. The desire to reach your destination either hotel or house, makes you want a good service, fast and convenient transfer from Malaga Airport or to the train station Maria Zambrano.

That’s why from Booking Taxi Marbella we want to make a comparison between public transport from Malaga airport to Marbella or anywhere on the Costa del Sol and our private transports or Taxi transfer Malaga Airport.

Transfer options Malaga Airport

Malaga Airport – Costa del Sol

Once you arrive at the Malaga Costa del Sol airport you can choose several options to get to Marbella:

  • Take a public taxi.
  • Combined train, bus and taxi.
  • Take a direct bus or with stops to Marbella.

But the best option is the one we offer from Booking Taxi Marbella, an expert in transfers and taxi service on the Costa del Sol.

Main Advantages of Private Transfer Malaga Airport Booking Taxi

Málaga Airport Taxi

From Booking Taxi Marbella we give you the best service at the best price for transfer málaga airport, with high quality  cars. So if you want to start your holidays from the best way, do not hesitate to contact us and see our prices on our website. We carry out transfers up to 7 people, so your trip will be in the best hands. Our transfers are personalized, from door to door and we adapt to the schedules of our clients. In addition, we will wait for you at the meeting point of Malaga Airport. Enter our website and discover the Advantages of Private Taxi Malaga Airport Booking Taxi.

Inconvenient of other types of transport from Malaga Airport


Undoubtedly the cheapest option will be the direct bus to Marbella or to the Airport. But the main inconvenient, besides the time it can take, is that it has fixed schedules. This means that if at your arrival the bus has just left you should wait an hour (maybe more, it depends on the time you arrive or if it’s a weekend).

In addition to the fact that there is no night bus, so if your plane arrives at dawn you must wait until 9:30 in the morning to go to Marbella. And on the contrary if you take off at dawn you must arrive at the airport on the last bus from Marbella, which is around 10 o’clock at night.

Commuter bus/taxi

Regarding the combined commuter bus or taxi, it is due to the last stop that the airport and the Costa del Sol is Fuengirola. Fuengirola is 30 kilometers from Marbella, so you have to use another  transport. The price of the cabin is cheap but it is also another means of transport, and it is tedious to carry suitcases, your trip may not start as expected. The buses that connect Fuengirola with Marbella have stipulated schedules, which run every 30 or 40 minutes. And it takes half an hour to get to Marbella.


Finally, public taxis usually cost minimum of 60 euros and 75, charging extra for luggage, if the transfer is at night, more charge if the destination is airport. To all this we expect that there will be a taxi upon arrival at the airport.

Booking Taxi Marbella are just the Advantages Taxi Private Malaga Airport.

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