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How to enjoy the most of summer in Marbella?

Published: 10/07/2018. Categories: Sin categoría.

The case is packed. The summer is waiting. It’s time to spend the most of summer in one of the most marvellous places of Spain: Marbella. A mixture of sun and luxury. A place between beach and a cosmopolitan city. And what is even more amazing: with a huge touristic offer that excites their visitors every year. That’s why, if you are thinking about planning your holidays, you need to consider the next question: how to enjoy the most of summer in Marbella?

Enjoy Marbella

There are a loads of reasons that make Marbella the best place to visit in the South of Spain. One of them: the sun and their beaches. With more than 25km large and blue flags, they are catalogued with high quality in Spain. Moreover, visitors can choose between so different kind of beaches, in which practising acuatic sport or golf, or going for a drink in one of the most amazing clubs in the coast. For instance, Ocean Club in Puerto Banús or one more relaxed and private, Puro Beach.

For city lovers, Marbella is also a must to photograph. Like a typical village in the Sun Coast, their city center contrast with the most external and sunny areas. Plenty colouring and with a historical touch in their streets, surrounding the most popular monuments and arquitectures pieces, people can easily find incredible restaurants. All of them show the atractive culinary culture of Spain. As a recomendation, you can’t go off without tasting prawn with “pilpil” souce, fried fish and the most typical dish spread, “espetos”.

Moreover, every summer, agencies and hotels plan a huge quantity of events. One the one hand, visitors could find multiple day trips, excursions and rutes (by walk, riding a bike, etc.) to the most maravelous places in this part of Spain. On the other hand, they could go for a drink in local fairs and music festivals. All in an authentic atmosphere, near to the sea or in the city center. Just what they need to get involved in an andalusian’s area.

Puerto Banús, a city inside another city

Marbella is so immense, cultural and territorial speaking, that exists another city inside this big city: Puerto Banús. Bilt for VIPs and party lovers, it’s easy to find there the latest cars models on the reoad, the most valious jewelery shops in the world and famous people having a really good time walking along their luxurious streets. In fact, it’s well known as the most glamorous places in Europe. An experience to see.

The best option to visit this huge city with a lot to do, is taking a taxi. That’s not only an easy way to transfer Málaga airport to Marbella, but also to go to Málaga center in a private and comfortable car. Just enjoying the views, the climate, the food… A completely enjoyable and unforgetable experience. Ready for the summer, then?

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