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Things to do in Granada

Published: 28/09/2018. Categories: Sin categoría.


Granada is located in the south of Andalucia, near the Sierra Nevada mountains. It is one of the most compelling cities to explore in Spain, this city is rich in historical and medieval architecture. The city’s name may have been derived either from the Spanish granada, a locally fruit also know as pomegranate, or from its Moorish name, Karnattah (Gharnāṭah), possibly meaning “hill of strangers.” After the fall of Córdoba and Seville, Muslims sought refuge in Granada, where Mohammed ibn Yusuf ibn Nasr had set up an independent emirate, you could say that Granada was a hill of strangers.

After a lot battles the moorish kingdom felled in favour of the Catholic Monarchs Ferdinand II and Isabella I. In 1517 both where burried in the Royal Chapel, inside the Cathedral of Santa Maria de la Encarnación. This building is one of the many Neoclassical churches, convents, monasteries, etc… you can find in Granada.

What to do in Granada

This city has a lot to offer to all tourist, The famous alhambra, the moorish influence and specially the tastefull Tapas. We also are going to explain some free things to do in granada.

Albaycin: another world in granada

This neighborhood was the old Arab Quarter, it was build on the opposite hill of the Alhambra. The Albaycin is like a different world within Granada. This is due to the strong Muslim influence in this area. The geranium filled balconies, glimpses of the Alhambra at every turn, the silence and the sound of running water in numerous fountains give´s this neighborhood a romantic enchanted atmosphere.

Alhambra Palace

As we said before The Alhambra is situated in the opposite side of Albaicín. The lower entrance to the park is the Puerta de las Granadas (Gate of Pomegranates), a massive triumphal arch dating from the 16th century. Inside the Alhambra Palace we find the famous Patio de los leones. It is an oblong court, surrounding this court is an ornately decorated gallery supported by 124 white marble columns. The colonnade is paved with white marble, and in the centre we can find the Fountain of the Lions (Fuente de los Leones), an alabaster basin supported by the figures of 12 white marble lions, that means the strength and courage.

To the east we can find the Garden of the Architect, also know as Generalife, it was constructed in the early 14th century as a summer palace. Terraced gardens, pools, and fountains combine to enchanting effect in the Patio de la Acequia. A theatre within the Generalife is the site of international performances of music and dance. The Alhambra and the Generalife, both were collectively designated a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1984.ree things to do in GranadaFree things to do in Granada

Free things to do in Granada

Granada is well-known for the complimentary tapa offered when buying a drink. Most bars and restaurants through the city give you a free snack when you order a beer, wine or a soft drink. They charge you the cost of the drink only. There are many varieties of free Tapas to be found in Granada. This is a must if you visit this city.

You can also visit for free the Carmen de los martires garden. It is a beutiful garden located in the entrance of the alhambra. It is a two level garden, on the grounds you can see a lot of fountains and flowers with some peacocks around. There are good views of Granada from the terrace which makes a great way to see the city at a glance.

In Granada, you´ll often find that many museums are free, currently there over free 20 museums in Granada. The information is often in local newspapers the day before an exhibition opens. As well as the Alhambra museum, the Museum Casa de los Tiros is also free to enter. The highlight here is the Cuarto Dorado or the Golden room.

Granada Private Tours

From Booking Taxi Marbella, we offer exclusive private tours. Through our tours, our chauffeurs can take you on an excursion to the place you request, as well as transfers from the Malaga airport to any place.

We will pick you up at the hotel or apartment you are and we will take you to any place in the province. If you want to know more about granada and their enchantments, do not hesitate to contact us.

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